The HEP Bookstore is a “full service” homeschool store.  The store stocks popular homeschooling curriculum and supplies.  We have a large selection of “how-to-homeschool” books and CD’s.  We sell lesson plan books, home organizers, and transcript kits.  The store also sells many unique and hard to find items including:  Driver’s Ed. in a Box, graduation items, games, toys, history action figures, t-shirts, science kits,  Folkmanis Puppets, and many other popular items.  HEP Bookstore is also a member of the national “Homeschool Headquarters” group and as such, we provide a catalog for our customer’s convenience.

HEP Bookstore specializes in offering top quality customer service.  Our trained and experienced sales clerks have all been homeschool parents or students.  Many have homeschooled for years and thus have knowledge ranging from pre-school to the college years.  All are friendly and will readily listen and give “hugs” if needed!  We are open SIX days a week for your convenience.

Our store is clean, neat, and very organized!  We strive to provide a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.  We have a table and chairs for you to sit down and relax.  We encourage you to look at the curriculum and to touch it.  You won’t know if you like a curriculum until you really examine it up close and personally!  On-line shopping cannot duplicate this experience.

We also have a lunchroom where you can sit and enjoy a break.  Our play area has a LEGO workstation for children ages 2 and up.  We also have a table and chairs, beach chairs, and lots of toys for children of all ages.  We strive to be homeschool family friendly.  We do ask our customers to eat and drink in our lunch area so that we can maintain a clean and neat store.

Other Services:

Mrs. Juren, the owner of HEP Bookstore, has a B.A. in English/History Teacher Education and a M.Ed. in Administration both from the University of Houston Central Campus.  She is a certified state of Texas teacher and holds a Texas Mid-Management Certification (Principal).  She has also served as an ARD Committee Chair for Special Education and has been an administrator at San Jacinto College South.  Therefore, the HEP Bookstore offers several specialized services:

Consulting – Joanne Juren, M.Ed. – $40 an hour; appointments required

How-to-Homeschool Consulting; Special Needs Consulting; College Consulting; Lesson Planning Tips

Standardized Testing – IOWA is offered in the spring

Graduation – We sell Caps and Gowns; Diplomas; Transcripts Prepared;  Honor Cords; ESA Shawls

Group Classes  and Clubs – provided by Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.  include:  Academic Classes, Classical School,  Graduation, Speech/Debate Club, Yearbook Club, Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society – Alpha and Beta Chapters